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People are very excited to see the live action movie Cinderella, and since the trailer has been released, people have done nothing but gush about their excitement for the movie. But there is one thing people cannot accept, and it has caused quite the ruckus in social media. Fans are very concerned that Cinderella's waist is way out of proportion in the film, and they are blaming Disney for digitally altering it, the Daily Mail reported. Cinderella, played by actress Lily James has maintained an unusually tiny waist throughout the film. Fans are saying it's the work of Photoshop while Disney is claiming it's simply the magical effect of a corset. "I have a problem with the fact that Cinderella is photoshopped to have the tiniest waist I've ever seen," a Twitter user…show more content…
We can all agree on that, yeah?" Twitter user named @SarahAnnMasse said. But Lily's rep backed up Disney's claims and told Buzzfeed that her tiny waist was achieved by using a corset and not Photoshop. "Lily's waist hasn't been altered (in the film or in any stills/marketing materials) - she's wearing a corset," the rep said. Catherine Clavering, founder & designer of Kiss Me Deadly and a corset expert said that it is quite possible for Cinderella to achieve that tiny waist without the use of digital technology. "The reality is that if someone starts with an unusually small waist measurement (by modern standards) and then wears a really well-constructed corset, you can obtain a waist measurement of 18 inches, or sometimes less, entirely by nondigital means," said Clavering. "In this case, Cinderella's dress also has enormous volume in the bust, shoulder and in the skirt, which helps to emphasize the cinched in waist in between. The trailer and stills are all similarly proportioned, and the designer states that 270 yards of fabric were involved, with a corset and crinoline. That doesn't mean it wasn't also helped by editing, of course," she

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