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Ancient Egypt is one of the most influential and long-lasting river civilizations. Throughout the tour, you will exhibit many of Egypt’s important elements. You will also understand what we, Egyptians, do on a daily basis. You will exhibit some of our attractions including the pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and geographical features like the Nile River. Other cultural aspects include our writing system, government, and religion. Life in Egyptian Society Egyptians value family life and their children. Here, men and women are equal. Men are expected to have jobs and support the family. Women are told to take care of the household, but they can still have jobs. In addition, an average family eats well, bathes well, and have their own homes.…show more content…
We invented written scripts, or groups of signs and letters. Different scripts are used for different purposes. One of the most famous is hieroglyphs, used for sacred writing. Another one is the demotic script, which is for recording contracts and agreements. Since we have scripts, we also have scribes, Egyptian men who know how to read and write the hieroglyphs and hieratic. We are able to preserve Egypt’s history, beliefs, ideas, etc. on tombs, walls, and papyrus. Papyrus is a “paper like” substance that we created from piecing together narrow strips of reed. Government Our government is based on a theocracy (rule by god). A theocracy is a government in which the religious authority rules. This person who rules Egypt is the pharaoh. The pharaoh is considered to be godlike and have ka, or an eternal life force. He is known as the “Lord of Two Lands(Upper and Lower Egypt).”Besides being religiously involved, he is also obligated to take care of the government, army, economy/trade, and justice of the kingdom. We believe that he is responsible for the Nile’s flow, sun’s rise, etc. This government system is better than others because it easier to obtain control, laws or orders are applied more quickly, and social reforms can be created more…show more content…
Regardless of the results, we still worship frequently in temples or in homes. The religion is one of our cultural aspects. Afterlife: Mummies and Pyramids Egyptians believe in the afterlife and that they will be judged by their deeds. According to legend, when we die, Anubis, the god of the underworld, will weigh our hearts and compare it with a feather. If it is lighter than a feather, that person will receive eternal life. However, if it is heavier, a beast will gobble the heart up. Regardless of Egypt’s dark and spooky feeling, we are actually very happy and bright people because we want to keep our hearts light. Most of us worked very hard everyday, but still leave time for leisure. Most wealthy people are mummified, which means that they are embalmed and then wrapped in cloth when they die. Mummification is to preserve the body, so that when the soul comes back it will be able to reunite with the body and live an eternal life. Internal organs are placed in canopic jars. Kings and queens build great stone tombs known as pyramids for their burial. They would bury daily supplies, scrolls, and valuables in their chambers, so they could be used in the

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