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The United States has the highest incarnation rate in the world at 716 per 100,000 of the national population. The United States makes up 4.4 percent of the worlds population but our prisoners are 22% of all prisoners in the world. Prison reform is a topic Americans should be thinking about seriously, we have a massive problem on our hands. While we have many things we must ask ourselves about the US Prison system, is the Death Penalty a logic or moral punishment in the Modern World? One of the main components to consider when looking at capital punishment is cost. Most people would argue it is cheaper to put someone to death because of living expenses while in prison, that is not the case, Death Penalty trials are wildly expensive and most prisoners spend years in prison and die before they are executed. California has now barred the death sentence, in five years since banning California will save one billion dollars by removing it. Taxpayers in California paid 90,000 more per death row inmate than on prisoners in for life. California spent an addition 184 million dollars on…show more content…
Many people wished for him to be put to death, except Laura’s family, they knew they would not receive closure from his death, it would not achieve complete justice, they did not want to allow the man who took their daughter to have anymore influence of their lives. The process of capital punishment is traumatic for the family of victims. Forcing families to reopen the wounds of losing a love one is cruel in itself. These types of trials direct the attention back to the crime and the accused, where it does not belong; attention should be directed towards the family and the victims. We put the accused back into the spot light when you have capital punishment

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