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Christopher Columbus's voyage to the new world is one dubbed by many historians as a rather pivotal point in the cultivation and settlement of what we now know as modern day America. However I find this statement to be a little too general. Though it is Columbus who is given credit for finding the Americas this is not entirely true. Recent historical research has shown us that many people had voyaged to the Americas long before Columbus's time. From the Scandinavian Vikings to the Asians and all the way back to Pangea hunters and gatherers, people have discovered the Americas time and time again. Throughout the ages civilizations have discovered new ideas, new ways of doing things and new homes. Though many societies can lay claim to the discovery of the Americas, we credit one. Reason being that the Europeans have been the most recent voyagers to come across these lands.…show more content…
Thus starting the race for the new world, Involving Spain, England, Portugal ect. Because of overcrowding and religious persecution the discovery of new land gave many people a chance for freedom. As the old saying goes; ‘History is written from the perspective of the winner'. Meaning in this case the Pilgrims were so thankful to be free they credited Christopher Columbus with finding their new home. However in doing this they all but erased any claim that historical Vikings, for example, would have had to the land. In saying Columbus was the first to discover the Americas historians are incorrect. Nonetheless Christopher Columbus was still an explorer. Though he may have not discovered a new area he still went out in search of something new, thus providing him with the title of

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