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Imagine that you are Christopher Columbus and you are on your first voyage in the Americas. You keep a journal where you take note of everything that you see, so that you can present it to Queen Isabella upon your return to Spain in order to convince her to continue to fund you. I am Christopher Columbus and I am going to write a journal of what I saw on my first voyage to the Americas which was very interesting. Dated August 3, 1492 after being convinced that Queen Isabella was going to finance my trip I left Spain at 8:00 am My plan was to sail to the west until I have gotten to Asia better known as the Indies where the resources of gold, pearls and spice were expected to be but unfortunately my first stop was the Canary Islands where the absence of wind left my mission at a standstill until September 6. I left with my three ships; the Pinta, the Nina, and the Santa Maria. Even though I was in complete command, the Pinta was captained by Martín Pinzón and the Niña by Vicente…show more content…
Here is also a wonderful sight to see with large lagoons with vegetation on the banks. There were amazing sound of many different birds. The specifics that I mostly focused on are not all that plentiful but however, I find it upon myself to take note about how the people who I came across were uncountable on the islands and that I received no hindrance in claiming them for Spain. Dated 24th October At 12 o’clock midnight my intention was to go to the island of Cuba, where I heard of the great people and that the island is full of gold, spices, merchandise, and large ships. The Indians I had brought with me in the ships had told me by signs because I couldn’t understand their language. I firmly believe that they related these wonders from the island of Cipango. On the allocations of the map of the world, I saw that Cipango is part of this region. During this time I sailed for four days looking for island of

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