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In 1492, an Italian explorer known as Christopher Columbus set sail on a voyage that would revolutionize the world beyond the Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration started in the fifteenth century when Europeans began to explore the world's oceans to search for trade routes, colonize new territories, expand religions, and collect riches such as spices, gold, and more. The phrase in which showed the motives for European exploration was “God, Glory, and Gold”. Christopher Columbus is one of the most famous explorers of this time period because he is credited with discovering America, or the “New World”. Columbus had four successful voyages financed by King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile. The purpose of these voyages by…show more content…
Several factors resulted in his devotion to find easier access to trade routes. Christopher Columbus's discovery was indirectly caused by previous events occurring in Europe such as religious wars, cultural movements, influence of powerful monarchs, and economic expansion. The religious conflict between the Christians and Muslims known as The Crusades, began in 1095 when Pope Urban II proclaimed war against the Muslims forces for the capture of Jerusalem. The Christians wanted control over Jerusalem, but specifically the “Holy Land”, which was Palestine. Pope Urban II offered all of those who fight against the Muslims in Palestine, will have their past sins forgiven, and will receive a guaranteed path into heaven, which attracted Western Christians. Luckily for the Christians they were successful in capturing Jerusalem along with other states such as Edessa, Tripoli, and Antioch, ending the First Crusade. In 1144, Zangi the Seljuk general, re captured Edessa…show more content…
The Renaissance, which in French, is translated to “rebirth”, was influenced by Greek and Roman literature. This era is best known for it’s creativity in art, family artists, scientific achievements, and inventions. One of the most memorable artists, Leonardo da Vinci, painted the Mona Lisa, dissecting corpses and advancing anatomy, sketching the first parachute, and so much more. The most beneficial invention of its time was the Gutenberg Printing Press which was designed by Jonathan Gutenberg, making the first moveable type. He also made the first book ever printed, The Gutenberg Bible, which spread religion and influenced people to learn how to read and write in Latin, expanding education and literature. Since the Renaissance began, more people became interested in science, leading to navigational tools for expeditions. Without these new technological advancements, Columbus would not have had the tools needed for his voyage that discovered the “New

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