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You all remember the famous nursery rhyme “Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen hundred ninety-two”, but you should know Christopher Columbus wasn’t actually the first to set foot on American soil (he thought he was in India) he only started the exploration to the “New World”. Many people wanted to leave Europe in search of religious freedom, gold, or glory. The Fab 5 including five of Europe’s countries trying to find a direct sea route to Asia to trade without any middle men. These five countries were Spain, France, Portugal, The Netherlands, and England. With the help of new inventions such as the astrolabe, compass, and caravels, Vasco De Gama (sailing for Portugal) was able to find a direct sea route to Asia in 1497 to trade for items such as silks, tea, and porcelain from China and India and spices from Southeast Asia. While Europeans started venturing in Asia their main religion Christianity taught to the Asians. Japan and China felt threatened by Christianity, that I would destroy…show more content…
The English settled on the east coast of what is now the U.S. and also what is now considered northern Canada. On the eastern colonies the English had settlement colonies in the north with trade posts and had plantations in the south. The French settled in what is now Canada, in what is now considered the Central U.S. and Haiti. The French mostly had trade post colonies set up in the wooded areas of Canada where they traded furs, lumber, and fish. The Spanish settled in the west coast of South America, in Central America, and in the Southwest of North America. The Spanish set up mostly plantations in their colonies, they enslaved the Native Americans to work on the plantations (after the natives died off they went to Africans). Portugal settled in modern day Brazil where they still speak Portuguese. The Netherlands colonized in the East Indies and some in South

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