Four Sociological Perspectives

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Sociologists use the theoretical perspective to understand and examine humanity social behavior. By developing and using these four sociological perspectives sociologist can investigate how society and their social interactions shape the human behavior based on the groups or how the group life might actually be affecting the individual. These perspectives are used to conduct studies on a macro-level to include, small group, and individual’s size elements. By discussing the four perspectives it will show how sociology uses the perspective to better understand this society. The newspaper headline exemplifying the three sociological perspectives is: Overflow Crowd Speaks Out to the Ferguson City Council. It demonstrates the functionalism because…show more content…
Mr. Parson mentioned in order for societies to survive was important the societies provide social needs the example he used to demonstrate this was the family unit like in the article the African-American community (family) is getting together to fight for what they believe it has be a disruption in their lives and want to correct it so it will never happened again, but they have to be unity and fight for their rights or believes; and the speaker or leader of the crow as a father figure will take the tasked on holding people responsible for their action, He also has the responsibility of decision-making, and showing the right way to express without violence. In another hand the mother of the household will be all the mothers and followers of the group that are involve to show support for the cause; their tasked is to express caring for the children and providing emotional support for the entire family. This institution had to work together to sustain the…show more content…
This perspective is explored by Max Weber, C. Wright Mills, and Karl Marx, each one making their own distinction within the conflict perspective. In the news article we can also see the conflict perspective like Mr. Marx views the conflict in society oppression of the African-American working force class and the authority power, which are considered the owners and capitalist class of society, if it is spoke as consideration of the article. However, Mr. Weber also recognized the importance the economic condition sets on both side of the spectrum creating a level of in equality within society his approach are categorized in to power and prestige as another source of inequality affecting societies, he defines power as the ability of a person within a social relationship to carry out their will despite the resistance from others; furthermore, defining prestige as a positive or negative estimation of honor. Finally Mr. Mills, which is considered to be a key figure in the development of the conflict theory, share the view that everyone should look beneath everyday events in order to identify the major resources and power inequalities. His theory was based on that the most important decision made in the United States were done by a small elite group and behind the scene called the power elites. Based on the different approaches

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