Theonaris The Rebellious Life Of Rosa Parks

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When remembered about Rosa Parks When we taught about are often Rosa Parks, a myth persists that she was just tired one day on the bus and she refused to get up. They remember the easy digest story that she was simply a seamstress that she was tired. In The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks” Theonaris sets the theory of well goes behind the icon of Rosa Parks to excavate and examine the scope of her political endurance. When looking within the story behind Rosa Parks the main topical thrust of the book “The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks” is to set the theory of well-known historical women Rosa Park’s life in the proper light from her initial involvements within the Civil Rights Movement. Mythology paints a picture of Parks as a frail matronly…show more content…
Rosa Parks was seen as black women, which male black leaders were given or sought leadership roles within the movement and often attempted to margined female leadership or constrain it to certain roles. She was placed on the back stool The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks is an elaborately painted a picture of the battle against the injustice that sat sullenly over the Jim Crow south during the Civil Rights Movement Era from the viewpoint of one very courageous women despite the common idea that racism has been expunged from the American culture, this book shed the light in a great and timely reminder of those dark and tempestuous times that was not long ago and it still casts a shadow among American population. Theonaris clearly reclaims Rosa Parks from the popular misconception of her quiet Negro seamstress who was instrumental in starting the Montgromy , Alabama Bus Boycott and consequently the Freedom Movement in the 50’s 60’s who then disappeared in plain sight as an anodyne figure whose image could be comfortably co-opted by politicians and pundits in promoting the righteous ideal when calling for peace and

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