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The 2004 film “Troy” arguably represents Hollywood’s best-known film depicting the Trojan War. Troy was based upon the work of Homer’s Iliad and depicted the journey of Achilles, who is considered one of the greatest warriors in Greek mythology, Paris, and a number other central characters as Spara and the Greeks sought to concur Troy. In doing so, the film is closely aligned with Homer’s Iliad and largely follows the same plot as the epic poem. The movie as well as the book largely focuses upon Helen of Sparta’s decision to leave her husband, King Menelaus, in favor of Paris, the siege of Troy by the Greeks, and the quarrel between Achilles and Agamemnon. However, while the film closely mirrors Homer’s poem, there are a number of differences between the movie and the novel that make each distinct from one another.…show more content…
The differences between the film and the poem appear to be minor and thus the film is able to successfully portray the plot of the Iliad on screen. The storyline of the poem is largely the same as the movie, including the initial spark that triggered the war: Helen of Sparta’s decision to leave her husband in favor of Paris was a central theme that triggered the Trojan War in the poem and the movie, which ultimately led to the sacking of Troy, a victory for the Greeks, and the death of Achilles as a result of an arrow through his heel. The initial trigger, in both the film and the poem, was Helen’s decision to leave Sparta for Troy, however the real reason in both was Agamemnon’s desire to concur Troy. Further, most if not all of the locations mentioned in the Iliad were also present in the film. As a result of this congruity, those who have read the Iliad were able to compare the depiction of the Trojan War in the film with the Poem and perhaps gain a deeper understanding of the

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