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Restorative justice is a unique process of justice, very different than typical criminal justice system that is used often throughout the United States, and the rest of the world. The criminal Justice system is designed with the thinking that the person who did something wrong needs to get punished and they need to get what they deserved in order to make them stop doing whatever crime they did. Restorative Justice is very different, though it is not very common it has been used during some well known events like the Genocide in Rwanda. Restorative justice revolves around the theory that everyone in a community is connected and if a crime happens it causes these connections to get weaker. By just throwing someone in jail or some other type of punishment, that doesn't help the community, the focus of restorative justice is to mend the community by getting the offender to take responsibility and to repair the community. Restorative justice…show more content…
For example crimes that don't effect someone else directly or indirectly. Things like skipping school, there's a rule against it, but unless you are working on a project with someone, skipping school really only effects you. So, there is no one to apologize to and restore the previous bond. Most of the time I don’t even notice if people in any of my classes are gone, so skipping school in most cases does not affect the community as a whole, or anyone in it and restorative justice could not be used. In the case that you skipping school is actually effecting someone then restorative justice could be used. The offender (person skipping school) could apologize to the victim (person working with the offender) and they could come up with a way to do the project together or the offender to make up any missed work. In most cases however, restorative justice is more effective than retributive

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