Chinese Learning Style Essay

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Abstract There is an education fever in China and Hong Kong in recent years. Students would compete for a place in any universities. The competition of the admission into universities is especially high in China. With a higher and higher competiveness in academy, students became more tensed and stressful. Anxiety disorders are hence became more common among students. In order to lower their stress level, their reasons behind learning have to be explored. Hence, their motivations to learn as well as their learning styles are revealed in present study. These two components will be further discussed under counseling circumstances. Keywords: motivation, learning styles, parenting styles, Chinese Motivation, learning styles and parenting styles…show more content…
Under Chinese’s education, Confucianism is used as the framework of education. Among five interrelated areas of education, benevolence is the most advocated. Its importance is to enhance students’ personal growth and to become a more genuine, humanistic and sincere person. Yet, the characteristics of Confucianism became less and less featured in Hong Kong. Hence, to explore the ways that students enhance their personal growth, students’ motivation, learning styles and parenting styles would be more…show more content…
One’s motivation can be composed by three components. They are the effort that one makes in learning, one’s desire to learn, and the sense of achievement during the process in learning respectively (Gardner, 1985). The first and the third components are presented in Hong Kong students nowadays. The tutorial classes and training courses that they attend as well as the medals and the certificates that they gained are the motivation in learning. Yet, most of the Hong Kong students lack desire to learn. Most of them showed low motivation to learn at

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