Individualism In Die Welle

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Project week in a high school, Rainer Wenger, back in time experienced anarchism and resistance, is a coach and teacher who was obliged to teach autocracy for that week. In order to explain the subject better and prove the students that reoccurrence of Nazi Germany is not impossible, he started an experimental study. It started out small like calling Rainer Herr Wenger or standing before speaking but it didn’t take a long time until it turned out a movement and got out of control. With this storyline Die Welle wants to show fascism in an everyday context as ordinary fascism and the early formation of fascism as a mass movement. Therefore, the movie Die Welle is relevant to fascism in multiple ways. From the very beginning it demonstrates that a charismatic leader can…show more content…
They lost their distinct identities and differences as individuals and small social circles. They create a super group and become on. Individualism goes off into the blue and the idea of collectivism outgrows among them. Similar to fascist acts they find a group name “Die Welle” , a symbol , an uniform – white shirts and jeans – and even a special salute – making a wave with their hands – to emphasize unity and eliminate differences. Some who did not want to follow Herr Wenger’s orders or Die Welle’s principles left the class or told by the leader to leave as in fascism’s characteristic of strict standards and strict discipline or elimination, no mercy. We know that fascism is all about action, so in the movie they started to make graffiti of their symbol to walls, police cars, buses, signboards and even municipal building, they create a website for their movement and inform people about their moves, they attached stickers everywhere and caused chaos all over the city. They watch over and protect each other against anarchist groups and embrace their belonged group more and

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