Summary Of Eudora Welty's 'Recitatif'

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Week 4 Assignment 1 Ruth Rosby ENGL 2603 Mid-American Christian University This weeks readings are related to The Southern Renaissance, Ethnic Writings, The Native American Renaissance, Protest and Counterculture Poetry, Confessional Poets, Latina/Latino Poetry, and Asian American Poetry. Upon reflecting ten questions/quotes in my reading, which are Toni Morrison “Recitatif”; A Confessional Poet, Anne Sexton; Lois Gordon’s quote about Adrienne Rich’s work; Devonney Looser’s question about Sylvia Plath’s Confessional Poems; Jeffery F. L. Partridge’s quote about Li-Young Lee’s work entitled, “Eating Alone”; Eudora Welty’s “Petrified Man”; Evelyn Avery’s quote about Bernard Malamud’s Ethnic Writings; Beverly Lyon Clark’s…show more content…
Fletcher. In the story; Leota and Mrs. Fletcher along with the other characters are not described by narration. I had to analyze the characters with their voices in the dialogues throughout the short story. Welty’s introduction into the story influences the conversation among the characters as dishonesty of adoration and deceitfulness. The beauty shop scenery contributes to an energetic conversation of rumors and lies. The author transforms the beauty shop into a place where the horrible characteristics of these ladies' internal personalities are revealed. Welty uses knowledge toward writing concerning societal predicaments during the era. She utilized her work to communicate issues that certain women felt daily. I believe she wanted women to be self-assured with their selves, yet not relating themselves with other women. The petrified man in Welty's short story is a male that is involved in a strange demonstration that has come to the small Southern town. To be petrified suggests becoming hardening or turning solid. The men in the story display hardening as illustrated as being lazy and nonworking creatures. All in all, while the petrified man might not really be real; it signifies the deficiency of integrities and standards amongst every male…show more content…
Malamud’s extensive labor remains entrenched in unique character styles, sceneries, and specifics. Therefore, the unfortunate person that appears in particular writings of Malamud’s American Jewish fiction; appears during eras anywhere a victim of bad luck has forms his/her issues from selecting incorrectly. Leo Finke in "The Magic Barrel,” claimed his forthcoming companion be youthful and attractive; study to rethink their morals; discard integration, acquisitiveness, and traditionalism; and accept surrendering and godliness. As the results of pain exist vital to Malamud's fiction, I have learned that Jews signify all sufferers in his work that are unable to be simply characterized as brave men/women or antiheroes. Throughout his writing he expresses to readers the use of the past and literature that produces amusing and heartrending individuals in their understanding. All in all, Evelyn Avery wants the reader to recognize Malamud’s work as a lesson to those that acknowledge social occurrences by conquering their setbacks with concentrating on “love as redemptive and sacrifice as

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