Children In Foster Care

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Foster Care Children. There are over 500,000 children in the United States in foster care. Foster care is where a minor is removed from their home, for many different reasons like abuse or behavioral problems, and is placed into a ward, group home, or private home. The person who is placed in charge of the minor is the foster parent. Foster care is a form or substitute for parental care. There are many things to consider with foster care, like what is the purpose and does it really work? Also how do children end up in foster care and do they ever get out? A very important part of foster care is how it affects the children and the different problems that may arise because of foster care. Lastly how are foster children as functioning adults?…show more content…
Kids are in foster care because of many different reasons. The reasons are never the minor’s fault. Some parents know that they are unfit for kids and will give a child to the system once they are born. There have been cases where a parent is abusing a child. There are many things that are considered abusing a child it can be physical, mental, and even sexual. There are children who are just neglected by their parents. Or their parents could be alcoholics or drug abusers. Other reasons children are put in foster care are because of illness, mental or physical, and homelessness due to…show more content…
Dr. Gerald Zimmerman says, “A child who experiences neglect will respond in different ways depending on his characteristics. There are two main types of developing characteristics in children: the active, outgoing type and the reserved cautious type. Drs. Stella Chess and Alexander Thomas have identified these children in a comprehensive developmental study of children. Not all children react the same, and it is the interaction of their environment and their personal characteristics that results in unique responses. For a neglected child, the response may be seen in an outgoing, assertive and bold child to take charge of his experiences and try to prepare meals and comfort the younger children. For a cautious and fearful child, the response to neglect may be to withdraw and become anxious and cower in the corner. With long-term neglect, the patterns become established, and the responses become characteristic of the child, even after the child is given the opportunity to live in a more stable, predictable environment. It takes a great deal of time for the child to make changes and become comfortable and trusting of those around him or her in the new environment.” A lot of children put in the foster system become really dependent on their new parents, more dependent than normal children. They can also become manipulative, aggressive, and untruthful. Sometimes foster children feel worthless

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