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The battle of Hamel. The battle of Hamel was battle in 1918. It was a successful assault conducted by the Australians. There were a few American units around the Germans in the town Le Hamel. Numerous strategies were utilised e.g The use of joined arms. The battle finished in 93 minuets The battle of Hamel wasn't a large fight. Monash had a history for surprise attacks. Hamel was under the charge of Lieutenant General John Monash The battle of Hamel was a amazing achievement. In two hours all targets were demolished and 1400 Germans were caught, as well as a numerous amount of weapons ceased. Monash was a engineer. Monash comprehended these plans very well, and could see their potential when the plans were getting made. Monash…show more content…
It was in the middle of two spurs. Trench warfare Trench warfare is land warfare and the trenches protected the infantry from artillery. It wasn't until the First World War that trench warfare became the standard form of fighting. The trench along the Western Front ran for approximately 475 miles, in an zigzag shape across Europe. Trench warfare created a living environment for the men, which was harsh and dangerous. Trench always used to get bombed they were constantly under attack. French trenches used to be full of mud and snow in winter. Death was normal to those serving in the front line. Even when nothing was happening there was always a risk because of health. Trench’s may simply be a collection of holes dug by troops. These holes may then be deepened so that a soldier can do activities in them E.g. cards and cleaning of the weapons. The typical trench system in World War I was a few trenches next to each other. Each trench was dug in a type of zigzag. This happened because if a enemy got in the end he simply couldn’t shoot down the entire line kill every one in seconds. Since the zigzag was there they could only take out a few people at

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