Comparing Heroes And Villains In Beowulf

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Today in this world, people don't believe in heroes and villains but they believe in good versus evil. well that's exactly what heroes and villains are good and evil.why people don't believe this ? i don't know I guess it's because they don't dress in dramatic costumes, have super powers , and try to take over or save the world . however these people are heroes and the bad ones are villains and no, I'm not talking about your firefighter, policeman, or doctor. that's right, I'm talking about the average everyday person. Like David from the movie unbreakable and Beowulf from the poem Beowulf they are the heroes. Elijah and Grendel the villains . last but not least the loyal subjects Joseph and wiglaff every hero has a at least someone…show more content…
he had many qualities about him that showed he was different from the other people/ but a couple stood out more then others, like when his son Joseph kept adding the weights to see how strong he was and he could lift the a normal person probably would've dropped them weights on thereaelkes and died. him and Beowulf shared this incredible strength . like when Beowulf gathers up his best fourteen men and went to go fight Grendel. the difference between these two are that Beowulf knew he was a great hero, but david didn't realize it until he was told and was proven that he was a heroic figure. In my lifetime i've heard a fair share of people say that a friend is rare and in the movie unbreakable Elijah is the perfect example of this . he tricked David and was nice the him, pretended to be a friend and he was an enemy he killed thousands of people. just like grendenl from Beowulf he killed thousand of people with no regret. the differences between these guys is that Elijah had a reason that he did this he was looking for a purpose in his life he was tryna…show more content…
Every hero need a trusty sidekick or loyal subject and thats excatlywhat Joseph and wiglaff was to David andbeowulf . jospeh was confident in his dad when no one else was he was one of the reasons why he realized he was a hero after all . he was always by his dad's side , just like wiglaff to Beowulf, although beowulf wasn't his dad Beowulf treated and cared for him like his own and when Beowulf went to battle with the dragon wiglaff was the only one by his side from start to finish. In the movie unbreakable, there wernt many pagan and christian elements, but i do have a few like when the priest told David "it was luck". Also whe the priest said "it was the hand of god . In the Beowulf peom there were many elements of pagan and christian like when the men started to lose hope in God and they started to go back to their christian ways or when Beowulf says "By one ; death was my errand and fat They had earned." Or when he said "God must decide who will be given to death's cold rip." icould go on for ever but im

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