Children In Foster Care

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“There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.” This quote is from a website called which is a charity site for foster children. Adoption is a great opportunity for children who are being abused or neglected, but regardless of the situation they need to be placed in a safe environment which could end up being foster care. Orphanages are not as common today as they were years ago because foster care has shown to be a better placement for children. Many challenges are faced in foster care. There is well over half a million children in foster care today (Bruskas). Probation, the impact of foster care, meeting the challenges of foster care, and the review of the television show The Fosters is a huge phenomenon worldwide. Probation…show more content…
Getting out of abuse and neglect can benefit the child emotionally, physically, and mentally (Lawrence, Carlson, Egeland). Physical abuse can range from frequent and intense spanking to superfluous angry outbursts which could include cigarette burns, beatings, or even assault (Lawrence, Carlson, and Egeland). Mental maltreatment can be caused from chronic depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (Lawrence, Carlson, Egeland). This abuse can be associated with a traumatic incident that happened in a child’s life (Lawrence, Carlson, and Egeland). Verbal abuse are harsh words that are said when people are angry. Sexual abuse refers to any action that pressures someone into something they don’t want to do. This abuse seems to happen the most out of the three abuse stated. The foster care system can be a start to something new or a better life for children. Even though children don’t have a say if they want to go into foster care or not, the outcome can be very positive (Lawrence, Carlson, Egeland). Foster care can turn a child’s life around, let alone his or her future. Children in behavior health foster care were twice as likely than non-foster care children to use the services (Becker, Jordan, and Larsen). The primary funding source for children is Medicaid (Becker, Jordan, and Larsen). Medicaid services were 14% higher in the course of foster care arrangement than six…show more content…
Many children in foster care have to switch schools frequently which can cause a loss of their transcripts and they have to retake the class even though they have already taken it (Bruskas). Movement from school to school can be difficult with the different classes. There could be similar classes for example Film-Appreciation, but at the other school it’s Film-History so that would count as a different class. Sometimes the credits won’t transfer and then sometimes school records are lost, therefore, the child has to retake a class (Bruskas). Students struggle with the transition because they have to make new friends where they transfer to (Bruskas). Numerous children have poor developmental problems because they are placed at multiple schools and can’t adjust right away (Bruskas). There was a report that found only 50% of foster care children graduate high school and earn their general education development (GED) (Bruskas). Many adolescents have child welfare. Child welfare social workers case manage to ensure the welfare and well-being of children and their families(Stukes Chipungu and Bent-Goodley). Children in foster care are put on child welfare for many reasons. Examples of child welfare would be children see their parents, they have caseworkers, they have written case plans, and they get developmental and psychological assessments (Stukes Chipungu and Bent-Goodley). Education and child welfare are very important components for children in

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