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The Disadvantages Children Face While In Foster Care Jessica Wise Abstract There are more than 500,000 children that are currently in the foster care system and the number continues to grow. These children that have been removed from their homes and placed in the foster care system are facing a significant disadvantage compared to the general children in their community. Most of the children have been through some traumatic experiences that resulted in them being placed in foster care. Being abused, neglected, and detached from their family is a very uncomfortable and unfortunate situation for them to deal with. There are so many stressors that these children deal with on a daily basis that they don't have the ability to focus on their…show more content…
Within the United States today there are more than 500,000 children that have been placed in the foster care system. Almost 70% of the children that have been placed in foster care have undergone some form of abuse or and/or neglect, which result in Child Protective Services placing them there. Having to live within the foster care system can be a very difficult situation for the children as well as the foster parents. Many of the children that end up in the foster care system come from unstable environments and have experienced neglect. When a child is removed from their family it can be extremely painful for them. Children who are detached from their families and placed in foster care often suffer from damaging short and long-term effects. There are three important areas in a child’s life that are at risk to suffer when they are placed in the foster care system: education, psychological/emotional stability, and attachment…show more content…
They get moved several times over the course of their care, periodic attendance and lack of assembly all add to a lower education level for some of these children. According to a Princeton University study of former foster children, "More than half of the young people who responded reported that they did not feel prepared to support themselves after leaving foster care, and an equal number were not satisfied with the quality of education received while in foster

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