Victims In Foster Care

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Victims in Foster Care Child abuse is a serious problem worldwide. Victims of abuse need a loving home to heal and thrive after being removed from the traumatic experience. The ability to heal from such an event comes from love and support from those who love and care for them in a permanent environment of some kind. Victims of child abuse should not be placed in foster care at first resort due to the many children that spend a long period of time in the system, there tends to be a better option for the child, and there is a high chance of some form of abuse in the system all of which can add more trauma to the child’s life. Like every child, child abuse victims need love and support to make it through the tough times in their lives. Joan…show more content…
There for children should be only placed in foster care if absolutely necessary and should be quickly placed in a more stable and permanent home. Examples of states with the problem of high numbers of children in foster care for a long period of time are Pennsylvania and Indiana. Around 20,000 children in Pennsylvania spend on average 16 months being passed around in foster care after suffering from some sort of abuse. Likewise in Indiana child abuse victims on average spend about 14 months in the system (Pickles 1). These numbers are far too high. The children in foster care spend long periods of time surrounded by others who need just as much love and attention as they do. A foster parent can only give so much time to each child and when they are watching so many kids it is hard to help these children heal from the traumatic experiences that they have encountered. The long term effects of being in foster care after abuse are high and can leave a long holding grasp on the child when they just need someone to help them…show more content…
He worked with abuse victims and had even been awarded medals for his work. Little was known that he would later confess to sexually abusing a child in his care. Two years prior to the confession the Department of Family and Community Services conducted an investigation due to claims of sexual abuse in the home. The children were all left in his home despite the investigation finding some of that behavior had occurred. He did not confess until a victim reported the abuse to her school (Pryor 1). Children enter foster care as a way to escape abuse. Sadly children still have a high chance of some kind of abuse, including neglect, in foster care. As seen in the NSW family children many times remain with the care givers even after serious allegations of abuse (Pryor 1). This puts the child at an even greater risk for abuse. Department shows that there are over 500 cases of abuse in foster being studied and over half falling into the reportable category (Pryor 1). Even after reports against a foster parent they may still be able to jump into another agency (Pryor 2). If abusers still have the ability to foster children even after being kicked out of agencies, they still have the ability to hurt children. Though many people that support foster care say that it is a positive solution to child abuse, foster care has turned from a temporary solution to a long term situation.

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