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INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Child care development center is an alternative creative and playschool place for home as “habitat” for developing children during their formative years because of the absence of parents and guardians. Research confirms that babies raised by caring and attentive adults in safe, predictable environments, are better learners than those raised with less attention in less secure settings. The findings reveal that the effects of the environment on the developing brain are more profound and long lasting. An adverse environment can compromise a young child’s brain function and overall development, placing him or her at greater risk of developing cognitive, emotional and physical difficulties (Reyes,…show more content…
Some of them, we encounter on the streets. Other children manage to juggle work and schooling. Such arrangements, however, prove to be difficult. For others, once they drop out, they rarely return. Some manage to reach certain grades, but are unable to graduate. Meanwhile, children who completely lack access to early education have it worse (Rodriguez, 2014). The Davao City Hall is putting energy to a program that would help women who had to grapple with life hampered with a young that needs care, love and attention. Recently, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte [now the 16th President of the Philippines] opened another Child Minding Center in the downtown area among the first that he wanted replicated in all the barangays. The Child Minding Center serves as shelter for 1 to 3-year-old children of working yet with low-income parents. (Roger M. Balanza of Durian City News June 2014) According to a study done in November 2000 jointly by Tambayan, Save the Children-UK, Caritas, the Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland and the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), it has been noted that most gang members belong to urban-poor families, and 81 percent of them are out of school due to poverty. The study showed that 90 percent of respondents who were minors in conflict with the law had experienced abuse at

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