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1.4 Natural deep water harbor Penang Port is one of the ports that has natural deep water harbor. It is suitable for big vessel to berth. The approach to Penang Harbor via South Channel is restricted to vessels with a 6m draft and a height of 28m due to the vertical clearance of the Penang Bridge. At least depth over the bar of South Channel is 5.8m. Penang is equipped with modern wharves, piers, and basins to handle practically any cargo that can be transported on water. These include facilities for container, ro-ro, dry and liquid bulk carriers, general cargo, and passenger vessels. Penang Port can support a very large vessel because it has natural deep water harbors. Port that have natural deep water harbor can generate more income than the port that does not have natural…show more content…
They control the movement of passenger (and passengers in vehicle) around the port area, and on and off the ferries/ships;they may also check tickets and deal with passengers’ queries. 3) Stevedores Load and unload cargo; they may decide how to stack cargo in the best way or how to unload goods quickly and efficiently. They may have to drive different types of vehicles, or operate cranes, suction pipes and conveyer belts. The figure below show the stevedores operation. Stevedores operation 4) Vessel traffic services operatives Work in the port control centre, controlling the safe movement of ships and boats around the port/harbour area. They use marine radar and communicate with vessels by VHF radio, telephone etc. 5) Marine pilots Broad vessels entering or leaving the port or harbour, and navigate them safely in and out avoiding submerged rocks and other hazards 6) Harbour masters Ensure that the port is safe for all the vessels using it. They monitor environmental standards and manage leisure craft activity within the harbour. 7) Engineers Maintain and repair machinery and equipment within the

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