Tiger Attack Book Report

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The Tiger Attack It was the dinner time. Everybody was on the table. Adina's mother cooks food very well and tasty. She cooks rice, vegetable, chicken curry and maks salad. The food was very tasty and delicious. Prince had eaten the food. Now it was time to return own palace. Prince said, thanks for the dinner. Adina's mother and father said good bye to prince. Prince also raises own hand and he said good bye to them. Prince's army chained the thief and they return to palace. It passed two weeks. But prince's sleep had been vanished. He was always thinking about that beautiful girl. When prince closes own eyes then he sees her in his dream. When open own eyes then he sees her. He seems to be mad.…show more content…
So one day he decided to meet with her. Prince Charles has taken his favourate lovely white horse and he started his own journey. He was alone in his own journey. He was passing through jungle. The jungle was very dense. In the jungle he listenes the laughing sound of many girls. The prince slows down his horse. And he stops there then he binds his brown horse with a tree by rope. And he hides himself beside the tree and he started to listen the girls. The girls were talking about Kingertum prince. One girl said, our prince is very handsome, the other girl said, yes he is. Then other girl said, you are telling lie, our prince is not only handsome but also he is a brave man. It is the story of one day when I was in my hut then one thief came in my hut and tried to kill me. But our prince came and saved my life. He is very brave. The prince Charles was listing all when he saw the girl from beside the tree. He saw that girl was…show more content…
And when tiger jumped over the prince for the last scene of his life. He had deepen his sword into tiger's neck. The tiger jumped over him. But soon he was dead over him. He puts the tiger aside. And tries to stand on feet. But he feels unconsciousness. And he remains there. Prince's Love Story Now next morning, prince Charles was sleeping on a bed. He wakes up and tries to sit on the bed but his one shoulder was still wounded and was bandaged. So he cannot sit. Then it opens the hut's door. Adina came inside the hut. She said to prince, don't sit, just take the bed rest. You have got a deep wound by the tiger. I have bandaged you. For you were unconscious. Then prince said, thanks for it. After that Adina said to prince, it was the mercy of the god that saved your life. And it will take long time to fill up your wound. Then Adina sits near to the Prince Charles. She thinks something. And she said to prince, what were you doing in the jungle? If that tiger kills you then what happen to us? Who is our

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