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Evidence of Effectiveness The following section will provide details about the informal and formal mentoring and training opportunities that I have participated in to enhance my abilities as a teacher and instructor of clinical instruction. In addition, evidence will be presented as examples of how these opportunities have directly impacted what and how I teach. Informal Mentoring/Training Opportunities I have been very fortunate to receive informal mentoring from my colleagues within the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and the School of Health Sciences. One example of informal mentoring I received from a senior colleague was related to my task in facilitating a remediation plan and learning contract for a third year Doctor of Physical…show more content…
Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts with our Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Faculty Meetings, the frequency of my attendance has been hindered. Regarding the teaching portfolio, the decision to focus on DPT 662 was based on evaluative peer and student feedback (both quantitative and qualitative) and because of my assignment as course coordinator. Through this reflective exercise in completing a teaching portfolio, I made the decision to change the format of how the content was delivered through the use of a flipped classroom. As part of this change in format, I took into consideration how the curricular content would be presented and decided to use web-based platforms to further enhance how students would receive the information. One example was my use of Tegrity to record lectures, including the presentation “The Cross Cultural Adaptability

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