Child Labor In Egypt

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Child labor is a worldwide problem which was questioned by plenty of researchers, as it was found to be inhumane. This was tackled by Nadine Mohamed Abdel Raouf in her research “ Child Labor in Egypt” as she pointed out that child labor is defined as “work that deprives children from their child hood their potential and dignity”. Looking at this definition gives a sense of what might be the effects of child labor, but these should not be the only consequences that should be held in mind, in fact there is a numerous amount of factors affected by child labor other than the children themselves. One of these factors that are affected by child labor can be a nation as a whole, since these children do not receive any education, it increases illiteracy,…show more content…
The first world that comes to mind is poverty, which is considered as the main reason of child labor. In most cases poverty causes parents to sacrifice their kids to work in an early age to help them increase the family income in order to survive. The problem of poverty is considered as the root of the problem as all the problems follow up right after it. Illiterate parents are one of the causes of child labor as parents do not realize the need for a proper physical, emotional and cognitive development of a child. As they are uneducated, they do not realize the importance of education for their children so as a result they send them to work at really early stages without thinking about how essential education is for the future of their children. It is also found that 10 % of parents who were child laborers themselves are most likely to send their children to work, this relates to how child labor is related to the parents influencing their children, putting aside orphans that do not find anyone to support them, thus they are forced strive for their own…show more content…
The industrialists and factory owners find it profitable to employ children. This is so because they can pay less and extract more work. They will also not create union problem. Education is a question that must be raised side by side to child labor, as basically children who work tend to drop out of school at early stages, as they cannot handle doing both at the same time. This basically put them in the same conditions as their parents, as they become illiterate just like them, as well as they might grow up not finding a suitable job, which will obviously make them put their children through the same scenario they have been through, sending them to work at early stages. So it is basically a cycle where every problem leads to another. Working conditions in the country side will also be one of the most important issues raised in the research, as the country side of Egypt is suffering from the worst conditions all over the country as the rate of poverty and illiteracy is always at its highest rates in the country side. As a result parents tend to send their children to work, mostly in the agricultural field, and later on they drop out of school. Studies has found that children work more hours than those allowed for grownups and that younger children occupy mostly in the processes of gathering and harvesting, while

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