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My nephew Adam is six years old. He spends most of his day either at school or at the daycare center. Adam lives in an apartment with his parents and with his two siblings. I made the observation at home in the presence of both his parents and siblings. The observation took me roughly an hour. As I observed Adam’s behaviors, I will be going to discuss about his, social-emotional behavior, cognitive development, and physical development in this essay. Before I made the observation, I asked for the permission and I gain the consent of Adam’s parents. I made the observation on Sunday. Fortunately, Adam stayed at home during the observation. When I get to the house, Adam was watching, kids’ television show called “The Wild Kratts” on PBS. The…show more content…
When he is alone with his siblings he, yells, screams, and jumps around the living room. Comparing to his little sister, Adam was more aggressive, “At all ages, males tend to be more physically aggressive than females” (Bushman, 2018). He knows that his siblings doesn’t discipline him as his parents do. However, when his father is around, he tends to stay quiet and focused. This is a good example of a developed executive function, which is a process that support everyday activities including, thinking, focusing attention, and behavioral inhibition (Knapp, 2013). The executive function allows him to inhibit his unusual behavior, when his parents are around. This function controls people’s mental process, emotion, actions, and behavior. In this case, it enables Adam to stay focused, which gives him the ability to remember the house rules, which are no yelling, screaming, and jumping. It helps him to avoid a negative punishment from his…show more content…
He listens to his parents when they instruct him to behave well. Typically, he has spent most of his day either at school or at daycare, he learns the way he behaves from different people; such as, teachers, peers, and parents. Yet, he is expected to behave in a certain manner while he is at home. This behavior is a good example of Bandura’s social learning theory (Bandura, 1977). Kid learn behaviors through observing the behavior of others, also learn from watching somebody being rewarded or punished. As a Yemeni American, Adam parents expect their son to behave in a certain manner. For example, during the observation his mother was telling him to not make an eye contact with people because they interpreted as a sign of disrespect; however, at school here in the United States, we are taught to make an eye contact because it indicated that we are paying attention. As a result, kid develops self-conscious emotion, such as embarrassment. “Emotional development reflects social experience, including the cultural context” (Saarni, 2011). He is taught to behave in a certain manner by different people, this may create an emotional

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