Criminal And Social Theory: Are Criminals Born Or Made?

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ARE CRIMINALS BORN OR MADE Introduction The field of Psychology has brought a revolution in the modern science through understanding the human behavior and mental process. The approach and tendency to understand the environment and community around us has evolved through many studies and experiments by Psychologist’s. The perception towards understanding the criminology has influenced a huge decrease in crime rates around the world. One of the most famous theories that has been argued and criticized by psychologists for past many years is the “Nature Vs Nurture”. The theory was popularized into practical experiments in 1870’s by Francis Galton, from the day the concept was brought in, there has been a major researches in order to find whether human beings inherit their behaviors from their ancestors through their genes or through environmental influences, which has now led many psychologists to analyze whether Are Criminals Born Or made? In order to understand the concept we must know who is a criminal. As…show more content…
Despite the fact there are many circumstances where a person’s biological effect can be controlled through energetic and healthy social-environmental life. In Robert K Merton’s theory of social structure (1936), he states that the cultural and social pattern of a particular individual establishes goals, purposes and objectives and it decides the value of success for all human beings. The theory of twin studies which states that the chance of twins being criminals through genetic inheritance by 50 percent is still an argued criticism where there has been many cross checks taking place using the prisoners and many researchers are still coming up with new evidences to support that the chances are
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