A Short Story: The Story Of Homer's Rocket

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“Believe in me”, Homer and his friends never asked anyone for this. Many people did but many didn’t, yet their actions spoke for them with all the hard work and effort they put into their rocket. When a small satellite called sputnik went across the sky, every one including Homer and his friends that helped build the rocket. After seeing sputnic Homer instantly decided that he wanted to build a rocket. The next day at dinner Homer said to his Father, Mother, and brother that he wanted to build a rocket, his Mother was very supportive of him and even encouraged him but on the other hand Homer's Father and Brother both laughed at the idea and told him he couldn’t do it. The next day Homer went to school and convinced his friends to at most try and build a rocket but they couldn’t do it all allowen so during lunch Homer risked all his popularity and respect by going over to the least popular kid in school,Quintan, he may have been the most disliked kid in the school but he was the smartest. With Homer and the other boys not knowing how to do the mathematical part of building a rocket they needed Quintan.…show more content…
Homer and the boys got started right away first they went to the library and hit the books, in the many books they read they found out how to start their prototype like what parts were needed for the rocket to work, but that wasn't the only challenge the boys also had to find smaller versions of the parts. All the boys came together and bought the parts they needed to build their first

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