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1. COMPANY BACKGROUND The 3M company, previously known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company since year 1902 to 2002, is an American international multi-industry corporation based in Minnesota, U.S. 3M Singapore is one of the owned subsidiary of 3M Company. The market leader company produces multi products to serve multitude consumer and industrial markets, which include health care, consumer retail, electronics, building and construction, chemicals and transport engineering. There are 2 manufacturing plants locating at Woodlands which started its production in October 1998 and for Tuas started its production in December 2009. Two units of Research and Development Center (R&D) had been established based in Woodlands and…show more content…
TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT The Process for New Employee Training and Development 3.1 New-Employee Orientation Conducting of orientation for the new employees is important. It is the first step to make an introduction to new hired about organization's objectives, history, culture, code of conducts, HRM policies and benefits, tour of facilities, introduction to fellow colleagues and interaction with higher management. To let new employees have better understanding of organization's policies, work rules and benefits, an Employee Handbook will be giving out to help and guide whenever they want. -Please refer 3M Employee Handbook link 3.2 Employee Training There are different ways of helping new employees to be adapt faster to the job and environment. One of the effective way is on-the-job training. With the lead from mentors or buddy system and senior colleagues, new employee be able to focus on specific skills and abilities to perform with immediate guidance and correction. HR conducted classroom lectures to show videos of how to get the job done or skills that they are going to learn. By doing so, they be able to see clearer of overall completing a task. 3.3 Employee Development The 3M Leadership…show more content…
For the past few years, HR keeps searching for innovative lifeblood across 3M and developing talents pool for global and future leader of the company. HR works closely with relevant department superior to customized training elements that focus on specific development needs at each level. The 3M leadership way adopts blended learning approach, therefore, training will be conducted by a mix of internal and external trainers, includes self-discovery, face-to-face experiential learning as well as virtual

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