Causes Of Water Pollution

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Problem: The current problem we are facing is water pollution. There are several causes to water pollution. The cause I have chosen is oil spillage as it has an effect on the sea life. This is a problem because it kills many of the animals living in the sea and this causes the population of the sea life to decrease as they can die from the oil spillage since it is dangerous. It is dangerous because it coa43ts the sea and prevents oxygen and sunlight from passing and this leads to the death of sea animals since it prevents the aquatic plants from getting sunlight therefore preventing their growth as they need sunlight and oxygen to grow but the oil covers the surface and doesn’t allow oxygen from passing through. If not enough plants are grown…show more content…
There are several methods used to clean up/collect the oil from the water, which involve 3 main methods. These methods include, water-oil separation, controlled burns and chemical dispersants. The solution I have chosen is controlled burns. Controlled burn is a solution as it burns of the oil from the water therefore removing it. The simple way of explaining the process is you burn the oil، it then corrodes and turns into gas turning it into a greenhouse gas such as sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and methane then it is released into the air. The burning is a very easy process to control and this technique is accepted in USA and many other countries as it has an effect on reducing oil spills. For the oil to complete combustion they will need hydrocarbons as they have enough of the heat content to combust the oil. This is a very useful strategy in remote locations or where storage and disposal of the oil will be difficult or extremely costly. But the process of using fire booms is not simple, as we have to take into consideration the consequences to the fact that we are going to transform the hydrocarbons originally in a liquid phase, into a gaseous phase. The exact process in which controlled burns work is that a fire boom is placed surrounding the oil. A fire boom is like metal plates with a floating metal cylinder at the top and thin metal plates that make the curve in the water. This type of boom is made to contain oil long enough that it can be lit on fire and burned up. A helicopter drops gasoline on the oil and lights it up on fire causing the oil to corrode and turns the oil into a greenhouse gas. The balanced chemical equation is shown

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