The Pros And Cons Of Social Welfare

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Conservative and liberal ideologies have been a pivotal part of social welfare since the beginning of America’s colonial period and earlier on. According to the class lectures, CONSERVATIVES – Largely believe in individual accountability, restricted government, free markets, individual rights, old-style American principles and a solid national security. The perspective of a conservative also, believe that government should give people the freedom to chase their own pursuit of happiness. Traditional guidelines generally highlight the idea that people should solve their own problems and pull themselves up by their own boots straps. For example, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has been a model use by conservatives, where natural selection…show more content…
Children were responsible for the care of their unemployable parents and grandparents. Also, Children that had unfit parents would receive a trade or an apprenticeship. The able-bodied individual would receive employment opportunities to earn wages through labor. The helpless would receive indoor or outdoor relief. Indoor relief would be provided by institutions and Outdoor relief. The helpless received indoor and outdoor relief because they were view as the “worthy poor.” Individuals who were able to work but choose not to wok was considered as the “unworthy poor.” Vagrants and any able-bodied persons who denied to work could be committed to a house of alteration or penalized by fines and even up to death. In Trattner’s text “From Poor Law to Welfare State,” the punitive measures vagrants faced were no longer an effective method in the late sixteenth century. Trattner wrote that R.H. Tawney stated, “the whip had no terror for the man who must either tramp or starve.” The cause of poverty to shifted from being the problem of the individual to now, being an economic problem. As a result, the state is held responsible for helping those who could not help themselves, which trickles down to the welfare state we are experiencing

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