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Usually, water pollution means the presence of several substances in water that built up to the point that they cause problems for animals and people. Some inland waters can clean up certain amount of pollution harmlessly. For example If we pour a cup of black ink into a river , the ink would quickly disappear because of the larger volume of clean water of the river. However the ink is still in the water but in such low concentrations that it is not visible. So at these low concentrations the chemicals in the ink do not affect the river. But if we pour gallons of black ink into the river through pipes every few seconds the river will turn black, which will affect the quality of the water and the health of humans and animals and plants. It is…show more content…
A1969 United Nations report defined ocean pollution as: "The introduction by man, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the marine environment (including estuaries) resulting in such deleterious effects as harm to living resources, hazards to human health, hindrance to marine activities, including fishing, impairment of quality for use of sea water and reduction of…show more content…
According to 2013 figures from the World Health Organization, 780 million people (11 percent of the world's population) don't have access to safe drinking water, while 2.5 billion (40 percent of the world's population) don't have proper sanitation (hygienic toilet facilities); although there have been great improvements in securing access to clean water, relatively little progress has been made on improving global sanitation in the last decade. Sewage disposal affects people's immediate environments and leads to water-related illnesses such as diarrhea that kills 760,000 children under five each year. (Back in 2002, the World Health Organization estimated that water-related diseases could kill as many as 135 million people by

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