Nick Vujicic Character Analysis

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My Life: Nick Vujicic Nick Vujicic is a man who was born with a rare condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome, which basically means he has no arms or legs. He has a little stump which he calls his chicken drum stick. Without arms and legs Nick manages to cope with the challenge of everyday life without complaining. He is a happy man who is married and has a child. Nick is a motivational speaker, where he talks about the issues we face in life and how to overcome them through faith in God. Nick wasn’t always a happy and cheerful person. When he was younger he was depressed because he wanted to be normal and do the activities all the other boys were doing. Nick tried to commit suicide by drowning himself in the bath at the age of 10 years old…show more content…
Nick has taught me that if you are knocked down you must get up and keep on going because it wasn’t that bad and you aren’t dead. He inspires people who have the same disease and normal people that they can do anything. Nick believes he got his strength to carry on from his faith in God. He says he is unstoppable due to his faith and he can’t be stopped. Nick is inspiring to me because he doesn’t have arms or legs but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves and wants to…show more content…
Nelson Mandela fought against apartheid and was imprisoned at Robben Island for committing acts against the government during apartheid. He was sentenced for life but was released after 27 years in prison. He then became South Africa’s first democratic president. He even wrote a book about his life called Long Walk to Freedom which is well known. Mandela has impacted society by fighting against apartheid and in the end winning the fight and banning segregation. He has improved the lives of many black and coloured South Africans giving them a better future. Nelson Mandela’s power came from knowing what was right and wrong and fighting for the better. Mandela was a determined man who believed peace as the answer but when he realised that wouldn’t work used violent tactics to achieve his goal. He was persistent. I find Nelson Mandela inspiring because he was persistent and changed many peoples lives. He helped the whole black and coloured South African population by fighting against the National Party and the apartheid government. He has overcome huge barriers such as being discriminated against and imprisoned for what he believed in. He never gave up or

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