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I cannot recall a day in my life when I have not heard the sound of a bouncing ball; I grew up eating and breathing basketball. My heart fell in love with the winning, the competition, the adrenaline ever since I started rolling my dad’s tube sock and shooting an imaginary shot against the wall. “It was reminiscing when I was a fresh young boy; I was strolling around the Smith Park with a basketball in my hand and wearing a gold/purple Kobe Bryant’s jersey until I espied a compelling teenager playing basketball with tight handles, and great athleticism on the opposite side of the court. While I was watching him playing with his group, I pondering about my future after he inspired me that I will be a professional basketball player in the NBA. A few days later, I had an opportunity to talk with that person, after he finished his last game of the day.” Hey, I’m glad to meet you.“ I said. ” I’ve seen your skills Mr. Jonathan, it was great, may you instruct me? I want to be the No. 1 pick, All-star player, Rookie of…show more content…
I met a 6’11 person. He offered me to be my coach and he will teach about the games, earnestness, and determination toward basketball forasmuch his son had passed away in the winter at my age and the attachment to his son. Therefore, he wants to pass on the love he has for his children through training me wherewith he lost the opportunity to coach his son. After then, every morning when It's dark now and the snow is still falling, clumps of wet flakes drifting endlessly down, the air moist, the sidewalk mushy underfoot. He always appeared at my house with the same phrases, ” Come on Youngblood, let’s get to work.“ He gave me illimitable efforts to lead me to prosperity. We spent all weekend, all holidays, all days and nights together doing same drills consistently. Consequently, I have been deeply attracted to him that nothing can pull me away since he first came until he passed

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