Essay On Human Environment

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The Earth has changed and over the course of the years, human events has done a great deal to the environment’s conditions in many ways. Many countries have not been excluded in the changes on Earth, and all suffer a great deal from human settlements. Amid the human events committed, one of them would be human settlement across the Earth. Human settlement has affected our us, among those are light pollution, deforestation, and the disruption of animal life. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into our natural environment such as water, air, and light. Water pollution can be caused by sewage, liquid chemicals, and oil discharged into rivers and other bodies of water. All of the points listed are harmful to plants and animals, and they contain damaging chemicals and toxins that could…show more content…
An example of a country with high water pollution rates is Saudi Arabia. Water pollution in Saudi Arabia is one of their most hazardous issues; Saudi Arabia uses the process of desalination of seawater, where machines warm the water and gather the vapour, which is used for agricultural and industrial use. However, after the process, the water becomes polluted with a high concentration of salt and contains a high concentration of metal. This water cannot be used, so they mostly send the remaining water into the sea. Another form of pollution is air pollution; when harmful substances enter our air, causing smog, allergies, and illnesses. When air pollutants combine with water droplets in clouds, in can cause the rain to become acidic. Acid rain changes the acidic level of the water, killing fish and changes the pH level of the soil. The last form of pollution is light pollution; light pollution is the excessive artificial brightening of the sky and there are three types; glare, light trespass, and sky glow. Light trespass can disrupt nocturnal creatures’ environment by brightening the night, making it appear as though it was the day. Glare can reflect off
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