Causes Of Marriage In Africa

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Marriage is an essential step in the life of every human on earth. Diverse cultures have different rituals and beliefs about marriage. Love, economic position, religious philosophies and social acceptance are just a few reasons why individuals marry across differing cultures. For Hegel, “The essence of marriage is ethical love, “the consciousness of this union as a substantial end, and hence in love, trust and the sharing of the whole of individual existence.” Moral love is not, like sexual love, conditional; “Marriage should not be disrupted by passion, for the latter is subordinate to it.” Marriage was the standard relationship of all mature men and women, it was primarily for the perpetuation of the family, and children were the necessary…show more content…
However, the following are the principal reasons for marriage in Africa; for procreation, complementarity, to cement relationships, enhance interconnection between members of different families, for sexual satisfaction and for companionship. Generally, there are many types of marriages across the globe. These include; Polygamy, Bigamy, Monogamy, Surrogate, and Polygyny, among others. However, in Africa tradition religions, we have basically, two types of marriages namely; polygamy and monogamy. Monogamy refers to a marriage between one man and one woman, while polygamy is marriage between one man and multiple…show more content…
It draws many couples together. A couple whose relationship is built on sex is very much likely to crumble. The reason is that a spouse will only see the other one as a “sex machine”. In a consummated marriage, the wife has no right as well as the husband to deny themselves to each other. But, then, couples in marriage have to be sexually mature, to know when to give themselves to each other because each partner has to be sexually and educationally conscious before sexual pleasures are exercised. In conclusion, having taken a critical look at marriage in the African traditional religion, we can come to the resolution that marriage is the institution that regulates sex, reproduction and family life. Essentially, in the Africa Traditional Religion ideal of sex and marriage involves a relationship of love, friendship or companionship. Arguably, marriage’s primarily functions as an economic and political unit used to create kinship bonds, control inheritance, perpetuate family lineage or history, and share resources and

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