Citizen Kane's Impact In The Film

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Citizen Kane ( Citizen Kane , 1941) (1), RKO production filmed in 1940, it was the first film directed by Orson Welles . That same year he had come to Hollywood, largely due to the impact caused by his legendary radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds by HG Wells, who had caused collective panic. With this transmission, Welles arrival to the world of cinema in very favorable conditions gained since the RKO offered a contract that guaranteed a level of really unprecedented in the film industry artistic control, especially in the case of a beginner 25 years. This angered the film world and specialized magazines, which did not lose any opportunity to attack the new "wunderkind". In this environment the idea of Citizen Kane , work inspired by the famous newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst (which it is said that prompted the war in Cuba to sell newspapers). A character who had been the center of controversy, to the point that in the…show more content…
Despite the limited impact at the box office, critics were, from the beginning, enthusiastic. The film received an Oscar for the screenplay of Mankiewicz. Responsibility for the camera was provided by Greg Toland . The music was composed by Bernard Herrmann . Fotogramas Stills from Citizen Kane Really Citizen Kane is a rich narrative film. In it we find a multitude of aesthetic, visual and sound resources (2) that are used by Orson Welles in the service of a narrative of great complexity and with a temporary vertebración discontinuous. Some features of the work Treatment Time In this film we witness in just over an hour and a half to fifty years of the life of the character. The director and screenwriter ( Herman J. Mankiewicz ) conceived many ellipses in planning, to compress the time, but also decided that, far from having linearly Kane's life, they do that with flashbacks (jumps back in time ), with evocations of characters who knew

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