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1. Sundome 4 person tent (Green and Navy color options) Most of the people have dreamed of camping. For that, you need a most important thing and that is a tent. Sundome is the best family tents for camping and backpacking. 4 persons can easily get into the tent and can sleep peacefully. This tent is made of those cloth that have excellent quality and elegance. Its interior feels like home. It has also two gorgeous colors options: Green and Navy that takes its elegance looks to the next level. Specifications: • Good quality of polyester • Imported • It has large window with super ventilation • It takes time to set up only 10 – 15 minutes • 4 to 5 peoples can easily sleep inside the tent • Measures 9 * 7 feet • Center height is 4 feet 11 inches If you…show more content…
Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent Nowadays, our Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is the most exotic tent for medium to large families. As we know that day by day the popularity of camping is increasing. Most of the families want a medium size tent including qualitative cloth, gorgeous color and moderate price. No one wants to compromise with family holidays because it is all about sweet memories. That’s why Wenzel Klondike tent should be your best choice. Specifications: • 6 to 8 person can sleep in it easily • Attached screen room • Made of excellent quality weather repellent polyester that have polyurethane coating • Measures 16 * 6.5 * 11 feet (Height * Waist* Depth) • Weight is 27.3 pound • It can easily set within 15 to 20 minutes It has also second living room or sun room. It is so strong that it can protect you from storm, heavy rainfall, flood, snowfall etc. It’s bedrooms are best suited for three to four children and two to three adults. It has beautiful combinations of colors that makes your mood with happiness. It is a perfect combination of design, price, comfort and durability of basic camping. For the numerous qualities of Wenzel Klondike tent, it is considered as one of the best family

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