Female Circumcision In America Analysis

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Every country has its own cultural practices they do to show womanhood, for example Africa. Africa has a very rich and unique culture that makes them stand out, but one that has gain lots of attention is female circumcision. In her story “Female circumcision” author Frances Althaus defines female circumcision as the “Partial or total cutting away of the external female genitalia” (242). Female genital mutilation is still going on to this day because of the lack of education in Africa. Female genital mutilation can and will cause health problems and will also decrease the chances for sexual pleasure. Because of the social pressure, young girls are willing to go through this act of child abuse just to satisfy their parents and the village people…show more content…
There are three types of circumcision, but the one that is the most severe is infibulation. When a young girl goes through infibulation, the pain that she goes through is unbearable. If the young girl is fortunate enough to survive the horrific pain, she will then have to face the challenges that lie ahead. Althaus writes, “In the conditions under which female circumcision is generally performed in Africa, even the less extensive types of genital cutting can lead to potentially fatal complications, such as hemorrhage, infection and shock”(245). One of the most common infections that circumcise women get is a urinary tract infection “Because the urethral opening is covered” (245). If the women has the privilege of having a child, there is a higher chance that the child will be born underdeveloped or possibly die when it is time to give birth due to the small opening in her vagina. When giving birth, the scar tissue might tear, or the opening may need to be cut to allow the baby to come out. Other long term effects that female genital mutilation can cause is, sexual and psychological…show more content…
When the circumcision process takes place, the young girl that is going to be circumcised must obey her parents. For example, Dugger, a farmer father in West Africa, tells Althaus, “My daughter has no choice. I decide. Her viewpoint is not important” (244). If the little girls refuses to be put in the horrific process of pain, the parents will most likely tie the little girl up when she lease expected. After the parents tie the young girl, they will than call the old village women or “Exciseuse” (244) so that she can perform the circumcision on the little girl. If females “Remain uncircumcised and their families are therefore unable to arrange a marriage, they may be cast out without any means of subsistence”

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