Disadvantages Of Early Marriage

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Marriage is the most fundamental in human relationships. Under normal conditions the wedding is a celebration of the connection of two loving hearts. But for millions of girls around the world marriage is unsafe and not in their interests to act. Early marriage violates their human rights and deprives children’s hopes to education, opportunities to take place in life increases the risk of violence and exploitation and endangers their health. Early marriage is an illegal marriage between two individuals under the age of 18. This is contrary to human rights. In Islam, women are full members of the Muslim community. However the role of women was discriminated from ancient times. It is said that women’s area is taboo for visitors. This came from…show more content…
Many parents have social stigma if their girl stays at home and would be too old for marrying. Moreover, in some countries, parents have fear of illicit relationships of unmarried daughters. It may disgrace the family (USA Today, 2009) . 8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husbandUSA Today, April 30, 2009 UNICEF report shows that Islamic countries account the most cases of child marriages in Niger (75 percent, Chad (72 per cent), Mali (71 per cent), Bangladesh (64 per cent), Guinea (63 per cent), Central African Republic (61 per cent), Mozambique (56 per cent), and Nepal (51 per cent) (UNICEF, 2012). Child Marriage is a Death Sentence for Many Young Girls UNICEF, 2012 Needles to say that for many societies woman’s success is measured in terms of making good marriage and having many children, but not her educational or career achievements. Early marriages have historical background. During feudalism, families used marriage to to establish or strengthen relationships with the bride’s or bridegroom’s family to ensure social, economic or political benefits. At times, marriage was also used to ease tensions between two quarreling families. The urgent need to cement
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