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Introduction to modern marriages What is Modern Marriage and where does it come from? Modern Marriage is neither traditional nor Christian; even though it shares common things in my community. This marriage is the type that mostly starts from the last angle on Walter’s triangle on his book titled, “I Married You” (Trobisch 2005: 96). Modern Marriage is the most common marriage in our society today in South Sudan and in many nations of the world. The courtship takes a very short time in this type of marriage because the couples who want to marry meet each other, decide to in their own terms, mostly not in church or at home and sometimes no wedding is required at all. Walter wrote, “Before they know it, they end up at the sex angle, without being…show more content…
The Modern marriage can even be both Christian and Traditional or one of either. This means the wedding or the process of the modern marriage can be done in both ways, as mentioned earlier, depending on the marrying couple and their parents. The process of the Modern Marriage is only different, because many things are common in the Traditional or Christian marriages in my community – the wedding is not the first thing such as in traditional or Christian marriages. The dowry must be paid as soon as the girl is taken by the boy who is ready to marry her if the parents of the girl accept the marriage. If the marriage proposal is denied or rejected, the dowry will not be taken, but if the girl got pregnant, the boy must pay a fine of about six cows. If the girl got pregnant and the marriage is not accepted, then the boy must pay an additional amount for the unborn child, or else the child will belong to the man who will later marry the girl or to the parents of the girl usually the maternal…show more content…
A wedding process if any is the same as the traditional wedding, but it depends on the marrying couples. The couples can even decide to wed in the church if they are Christians. Everyone, whether Christian or not can marry in this way in my community nowadays and if you do not wish to marry in such a way, you will spend a good number of years trying to find a wife and you may end up getting married in the same way you

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