Causes Of Child Marriage

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There are over 30,000 young girls that are being forced to marry a much older guy than them. They are married off by a girls own parents as they set a certain price and a guy comes along a buys the girl. Child marriages are more often seen in Africa, Chad and other countries. Child marriages commonly occurs due to either a tradition, religion or culture as they all basically fall under the same category. Child marriage is a raging issue that parents are committing along with affecting millions of young girls world wide, this must come to an end due to the fact that it comes against a girls freedom. A main cause that leads to marrying off your daughter is due to the fact that parents make a profit out of it. Not only do they make money…show more content…
Parents don’t want to pay the expenses of their education. “Over 60% of women with no education were married before 18 (Crouch)”. Parents find it better to sell their daughters even after the fact that they will stop studying and also prevent them from becoming what they wished to become since they want to live a better life. A young girl who lives in poverty usually dreams of studying and becoming someone due to the same reason of living in…show more content…
They are therefore extremely vulnerable to domestic violence, abuse and abandonment (Heise)”. Men who marry younger children feel as if they’re the all powerful man because they’re way older and they took over the young girls life. The third effect would be a girls own childhood, the childhood they did not have because it was taken away from them too soon. Sooner than they expected because being married off at a super young age was something that must’ve never crossed their mind. Childhood is a beautiful time to have and reminisce about it. Their childhood was something that a girl never got to experience nevertheless, enjoy it either. Instead of living a childhood they are living the role of a grown, married women. A reason why this issue must be solved is because parents went against a girls will and rights of making their own decision. I obviously think they find it okay because the girls are underage and under their roof. Parents marry off their daughters without even taking the girls opinion or feelings in consideration. “Child brides have little say when or whom they will marry (Carol Olson).” Girls are being forced to do what others want for

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