Causes Of Gender Inequality

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main cause is the patriarchy system in simple word it talk about the dominance of the men the patriarchal system is the main reason for the gender inequality it is the system which gave the birth to the tought that the men is always dominated on women the men have to control the women the men have to work outside and the women have to live in the house this is the system which never give any part to women in the property of father or the husband and this was the reason they have to depend on the men the another reason are the mentality of the people to change the mentality of the people is as much as difficult to win the war without any weapon the mentality is the main cause for the gender inequality index due to the irrevekant or the wrong…show more content…
It is the government only who have to play the important role to eradicate the gap and the government is working with many policy which is there to improve the education health participation of women and the creation of the leader or the leading women who can guide other in simple word it talk for the women empowerment the empowerment is not only in term of the strength but also to carry the ethic and all the culture and have the power to become a leader and to innovate for other the government is implementating policy at the three different level that is at the center state and the local level the few policy are like beti bachao beti padho the main aim is to save the girl child not to discriminated between the boy child and the girl child and provided the education to girl inorder to grow the another programme are training and employment for women in this it focous on increase the skill of the women to carry their work the another sechme is rashtriya mahila kosak in this sechme it talk about supporting women at the local level specially the small help group or the small sector at the primary level the another important sechme is national mission for empowerment of women it is the main scheme which see in al the sector from the growing to the protection level it work on creating the platform for them to grow it work on to eradicate the gap between the men and the women at all the…show more content…
As the youth of the nation it is the responsibility of every one to work on this sertious issue and try to save the women and decrease and eliminated the discrimination and generate that country where the word equality is the supreme at the rural and the urban area one of the most important step is to change the mindset of the people change the mentality of the people we have to generate that society which consider both men and the women as equall we have to generate those parent who consider their children as the asset not as an liability the menatality of the individual group and the society have to change and that will lead to the generation of the new way for the growth of the women another step to do are to provide them better education at the primary level and at all the level and send them in the same school in which the boy child of the parent are studing the another important area is the health area at the adult and at the same time maternal health the life expentecacy should increase the better quality of the life should provided to both the boy and the girl and one of the more important is that the reservation in the indian parliament the reservation not only to 33% but also the 50% because it is the place where the problem and the solution of the women arrived it is the place which can block any bill or the policy if it is aginst the women and that will be the true empowerment the another step is the creation of more number of the choice for the both men and the

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