Argumentative Essay About Homosexuality

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Today, there is still a great amount of people who thinks homosexuality is wrong. However, homosexuality is just like heterosexuality, it’s just a choice made by people that no other person can judge. In some countries there are laws that makes homosexual marriage legal, but still some other countries that it is not legal. Homosexual people also wants and needs economic stability and safe living conditions. Sexuality is something hidden, something special for people. however, in recent years people started to discover the effects on sexuality. Biology is the first effect, which determines whether you have a male organ or a female organ. Most of the people in the world is heterosexual at the moment, but there are more than 10 different types of sexuality. People can choose to have a sexual relationship with someone from opposite sex or someone from same sex, they can choose to have a sexual relationship with a transgender person. Nearly two thousand years ago in Western societies, church was the place where the rules about sexuality is decided. In the 19th century, religious rules left their places to…show more content…
Homosexuality rates between males and females differs a lot. About 2 percent of females are homosexuals however, the percent of males that had homosexual experience is more than females. Today, there are still some intolerance among homosexuals. Homophobia is the term used for people who have hatred to homosexual people and use kinds of violence to them. Until recently, most homosexuals hid their sexual orientation because if they come out, they were scared to lose their families, jobs, friends etc. after the legal marriage rights for homosexuals have approved in some countries, it became easier for some homosexuals to come out and live their lives as they wish. In the last years, movements about gay and lesbian rights had increased in number and people start to support their

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