Crown Fracture Case Report

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Complicated Crown fracture: Conservative management using Autogenous tooth fragments :A case report Abstract Trauma to the anterior tooth is one among the most frequent scenarios practitioners encounter in daily practice. This case report discusses means of restoring complicated tooth fracture using ultraconservative and cost effective approach using autogenous tooth fragments. *Dr.Jinoy Anto Jose, Post Graduate student, GDC, Calicut **Dr.Ramesh Kumar, Prof & HOD, Dept.of CD & Endodontics,GDC Calicut ***Dr.Jayasree, Assoc.Professor, Dept.of CD & Endodontics,GDC Calicut ****Dr.Rency Annie Abraham, Post Graduate student, Dept of Orthodontics, GDC, Calicut INTRODUCTION Trauma to anterior tooth is one of the most common injuries occurring…show more content…
Using patients own tooth fragment have the advantage of obtaining excellent aesthetics, maintenance of original tooth morphology, translucency, economical, time efficient and similar rate of incisal wear[4,5]. Reattachment of teeth was first published by Chosak and tidel in 1964[6] Reaatchment of tooth is the most conservative approach as it helps to restore the function and aesthetics with minimal loss of tooth structure. The psychological impact on patient, of having the fractured tooth corrected immediately could be an added advantage. The purpose of this case report is to illustrate the conservative biological approach in treating a anterior tooth with complicated crown fracture following trauma using autogenous tooth…show more content…
of CD and Endodontics, GDC Calicut with chief complaint of pain and broken upper front tooth. A thorough history was elicited, which revealed an occupational mishap resulting in fracture of maxillary left lateral incisor 2 days back [Fig.1]. The patient reported of pain when the fractured segment moved. Intra oral examination revealed a fracture in the labio palatal direction without displacement of the fragment. The fracture was incomplete and fragment held in position by soft tissue palatally. An intra oral peri apical radiograph revealed the fracture line positioned supra crestally with no associated root fracture [Fig 2]. The alveolar bone and the periapical tissue appeared normal. After, clinical and radiographic evaluation, a diagnosis of complicated crown fracture – Ellis Class III with respect to 22 was made. Since the tooth had complicated crown fracture, single visit endodontic therapy was instituted . As the traumatized tooth had fracture segment that could be repositioned accurately, with no associated hard tissue loss (enamel/dentine) reattachment procedure was

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