Communication Audit Analysis

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The communications audit may be defined as “the process whereby the communications within an organization are analyzed by an internal or external consultant, with a view to increasing organizational efficiency”. (Anthony Booth, 1989) A Communications Audit is a systematic research method, which will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current internal and external communications. It is a through and systematic examination to determine what is functioning well and what is not. It is a method to examine the performance of an organization on all communications involved. It provides guidance and direction on how communication can be improved. Corporate communication audits present an objective report on the effectiveness of organization’s…show more content…
The organization will then implement strategic activities to do audits. The next step involves support and alignment in which the organization examines how communication becomes streamlined within the organization and the level of structural or institutional support. Finally, the audit considers the levels of practice, including the specific nature of communication within the organization. Some organization particularly concern primarily communication effectiveness in terms of motivating employees towards organizational goals. They will be analysed and evaluated on their performances, their expectations and limitations. A planned and detailed questionnaire is used to gain acknowledgements. Organization will know what’s working, what isn’t, what could be better, and what must be…show more content…
Communication audit is aimed to determine the degree to which communication with specific groups are effective, useful and valuable in supporting and advancing the organizational goals or objectives. A well done communication audits will produce a clear understanding of how communications are really working and the degree to which they are satisfying needs. Corporate communication audits open the gate to improve productivity. It also decreases the time consuming, more efficient use of time. The evaluation can improve morale and a more vibrant corporate culture among others. The audit is a systematic approach that forces an organization to look at what it is really doing as opposed to what it believes it is doing. The audit will look at the people who send and receive messages; the means of communicating--which extend beyond the obvious use of the telephone, meetings, conferences, e-mail and other methods to encompass dress code, office layouts, desk-tidy policies--in order to build up a comprehensive picture of what is happening. Every aspect of communication provides another piece of the jigsaw and, once this is complete, you have the basis for an

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