Gender Discrimination Against Cultural Politics

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Gender is socially constructed, the society defines the roles associated with men and women. In the year 1990, Peter Jackson did a research to determine the cultural politics of masculinity, in study found that the resilient of patriarchal structures was the cause root of the rise of masculinity and femininity leading to gender differences.” Jackson in his study concluded that the patriarchal system defined men and women responsibilities. This essay looks into gender-related issues in Washington D.C. as reported in 2017 CNN local news column. In the year 2016, the US ranked 28th out of 145 countries in the annual world ranking of equality for women. Despite the improvement in the ranking, US still experiences gender discrimination against…show more content…
The notion of cultural politics demands a broad definition of culture as ‘whole way of life.’ It describes the culture which shall be official and the subordinated one, what cultures are worthy of display and, which shall be hidden, which are popular as well as the elite, black and white, gay and straight.” Culture reacts as the domain in which economic and political contradictions are ritualistically expressed and symbolically resolved. Culture plays an influential role in shaping and influencing politics. The presence of federal government in DC defines its culture because the federal government has administrative responsibilities to manage the state, it also has been instrumental in developing numerous cultural institutions. Since President Trump's administration took office, women have demonstrated due to discriminatory policies associated with the president's firm stand on foreign policies. For instance, the executive order President Trump signed on January 27 banned entry into the US by anyone from seven majority-Muslim countries for 90 days, and banned nearly all refugees for 120 days, this executive order has more impact on women and children displaced by…show more content…
The state law prohibits any form of discrimination in the City and America at large. Laws against discrimination protect all the residents against any injustice such as discrimination based on ethnicity, gender or age. Despite the existence of these laws, in Washington D.C., females are still raped, discriminated against and violated. For example, in a leadership position, Washington DC, women’s only hold just 26.1 percent of high government positions. When it comes to domestic violence cases, in 2012, the number of 911 calls received by DC’s Metropolitan Police Department was 31,800 domestic violence.” In 2014, the homicides in the Districts were up by more than half in the first six months of the year, and this was the result of a spike in domestic killings. These murders were reported to have been committed behind closed doors that have contributed to more female’s homicide victims. In the first six months of 2014, 12 women reported murder cases were classified as associated with domestic

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