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Gender discrimination in the behavioural indication of bias. Separation might be of a few sorts in view of race, financial standard, position, religion and sex. Separation leads either positive or negative conduct towards a specific gathering by another gathering not because of any certifiable reason but rather on the grounds that one has a place with a specific class, sex or group. The causes of gender discrimination: 1) Prejudice 2) Biological 3) Economic 4) Education 5) Social Customs, Beliefs and Practices 6) Social Attitude 4.1.1 PREJUDICE: Men have such a great amount of one-sided against the characteristics of a lady that when a lady works magnificently, men say 'she is a man'. Once a best official was heard remarking in acclaim…show more content…
In order to make women self-sufficient and reduce gender discrimination women should be educated. Empowerment of women means improvement in their political status, financial position, occupational status and legal awareness etc., which can be achieved through education. 4.1.5 SOCIAL CUSTOMS, BELIEFS AND PRACTICES: Practices, beliefs and social customs are not free for women. The women’s roles are confining mostly to the domestic sphere by the traditional patrilineal joint family system, allocating them to a subordinate status, authority and power compared to men. A supportive role is being perceived as playing by women for attending to the household, and a major family protector and the provider are being perceived by man. A different adult role, status and authority is consequently drained by boys and girls. Women have been dominated by men as a group, the family and society have low the status of the women in the early periods (Shuani, n.d). Many places are being persisted by the partiality for the sons and disfavour towards daughter is complex phenomenon. The economic, political and ritual assets are being considered to the sons in the business communities and liabilities are being considered to daughters. Thus, the main cause of gender inequality in our society is anti-female social

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