Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 3 P1

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In a health and social care setting there are many things that can lead to discriminations this is mostly due to the diversity of the people who use the many services that are available. For asylum seekers and other marginalised groups there are five discriminatory factors that can cause people to experience discrimination. The first factor that can be a cause for discrimination is culture, this is the social background of a person and what they believe in. a person’s culture effects their norms and values which will affect how they behave in society. There are any different cultures and anyone can be discriminated against due to their culture for example if you have a different race, religion, faith or belief there will be someone who has…show more content…
This can cause discrimination as women are sometimes seen as unequal for example when people apply for jobs there could be two people perfect for the job but one is male and one is female and the boss is male so the male gets the job without giving the female any reason as to why she didn’t get it other than because she is female, this would be overt discrimination as the male has picked the male just because of his gender. There has been some actions put into place to try and prevent this happening and this is the sex discrimination act, aiming to give males and females equal opportunities. This could be linked to an asylum seeker as they may not be aware of the treatment women receive in the workplace and could come over to the UK for a better life so they apply for many jobs and don’t get it because they are female. However if they didn’t know it was because they were female they would think it was because they are asylum seekers and so people don’t want to employ them due to their culture that would make them feel unwelcome in our country and would be a form of

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