Gender Price Discrimination

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It seems like the world we live in today, has decided to come with a different way to discriminate against people by using gender price discrimination. Gender price discrimination is when companies charge lower or higher prices based on gender for items or services needed for a specific time or reason. Price discrimination has surprisingly been dated back to the 1800’s, when women’s gloves and hats were taxed higher than other items. It feels like companies are pitting males and females against each other by practicing gender price discrimination. I believe there are some companies that are own and operated by chauvinistic men that believe that they are inferior to women, and that they have to the right and power to charge women higher prices…show more content…
There might be a friendly clerk who seems like he or she is being very helpful by assisting you with all your shopping needs to distract you from being a victim of gender price discrimination. It is very depressing that we as women don’t notice that we have become a victim of gender price discrimination over the years, because we have become so accustom to being charged a higher price than males. New York City Department of Consumer Affairs decided to conduct a study that would prove that women have been overpaying for the same product that men buy for a cheaper price for a very long time, and nothing has been done to correct this issue in our society. It almost feels like society and owners of these companies that are allowing gender price discrimination are helping to corrupt this economy, by making people think men are better and should be rewarded with lower prices on items they purchase. “From Cradle to Crane,” produce a report called, “The Cost of Being a Female Consumer,” this report exhibited over 800 items male and female versions. Unfortunately, the report displayed the women’s version of these items were seven percent higher than the men version. I found it very condescending when you take a female and a male undercover to the same dry cleaners, and instead of being fair to both sexes the female is the who is charged an overpriced amount for a ridiculous reason. The preposterous thing about gender price discrimination is that it is not only happening at dry cleaners and other companies, but it is not limited to garments, personal care products, and toys. It is very difficult for me to see gender price discrimination as opportunity cost, but this could be a tactic some companies are using to receive those hard earn benefits for all the effort they put in to building a
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